Featuring Silent Hill 2, Fez, Journey and many other classics.

OK, we’re calling it: if there’s a better mix this year than this 40-minute journey through ambient video game music from Berlin selector Basco, we’ll be very, very surprised.

Kicking off with the nostalgic chime of the startup sound from the original PlayStation console, Gamebient collects some of the best video game music from the past 15 years, including classics like Silent Hill 2, Ico, Journey and Limbo.

It also includes music from a number of recent gems: wilderness adventure Firewatch, interactive movie game Her Story and iOS RPG Sword & Sworcery all feature, along with some great artwork.

The mix also includes two compositions by Disasterpeace, the US musician that was asked to write the score for horror movie It Follows on the strength of his music for mind-bending puzzler Fez.

When you’ve finished digging into the world of ambient video game music, revisit our FACT Focus mix on the music of Sonic the Hedgehog below and find out where some of Basco’s selections ended up in our list of the 100 greatest video game soundtracks.

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