“Protest, march, donate, speak out, call out bullshit, build within your community, help those in need…”

In the wake of peaceful demonstrations across America over the deaths of Anton Sterling, Philando Castille and at least two others, Stormzy has posted a message on Facebook in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. “We have black brothers and sisters dying in the states and we’d be cowards to just brush it off, this is all of our problems,” he writes. “This isn’t a black vs white thing either, don’t let them twang you into thinking it’s that, but what I will say is that no one should be sitting back and watching this. If you choose to turn a blind eye to this you’re a part of the problem, regardless of your skin colour.”

He continues: “This isn’t me speaking out because it looks politically correct or because it’s the right thing to do coz I proper couldn’t give a flying f*ck tbh. this is coming from Michael a black man who has had enough of racist dickheads thinking they can wake up and kill my people.”

Read the full statement below.



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