You can’t kill the boogeyman.

John Carpenter could be on board to score the new Halloween film, which he is working on as an executive producer.

Speaking to Screen Daily last weekend, Carpenter – who scored the original movie – said “maybe I’ll do the music,” when asked about the repackaged version of the 1978 chiller, which he has vowed to make “the scariest of them all.”

The film, which is being produced by Malek Akkad, has no confirmed release date as yet.

Elsewhere, the horror legend has been busy working on his own music, releasing debut album Lost Themes last March on New York’s Sacred Bones and following this up with Lost Themes II earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Carpenter has been busy making new music, releasing his debut album Lost Themes in 2015 and following this up with Lost Themes II earlier in the year.

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