In tandem with James Lavelle’s Kubrick residency at Somerset House.

UK duo UNKLE are working on a new album – although there are no concrete details about the project yet – and have released a new track ‘Cowboys or Indians’ in anticipation. The track features Mïnk and rapper Elliott Power, who are both on Lavelle’s label Mo’wax, as well as the artist YSÉE, who Lavelle collaborated with for Rick Owens’ spring 2016 runway show soundtrack.

According to Lavelle, the song is deeply rooted in his childhood listening habits: “It’s a love letter to London and the music its influenced by,” he said via press release. “The track looks back to the way I grew up with records as a teenager. When I grew up I was exposed to sound systems, hip-hop, post punk, and acid house. I’ve tried to combine these influences in a modern way.”

On Power, Lavelle says: “[He] is s very English, he’s not a rapper that’s trying to be American. He brings that British multi-cultural feel to the music.”

Check out the track over at Clash. The Lavelle-curated exhibition Daydreaming with Stanley Kubrick is showing now at Somerset House until August 20 and features contributions from Carl Craig and more.



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