“We’ve had enough of their bullshit!”

Prophets of Rage performed a guerrilla gig in Cleveland’s Public Square Park yesterday (July 18), making good on their earlier promise to “cause a ruckus” outside the Republican National Convention.

“We’re gonna go over there and we’re gonna let the fuckers at the RNC know that we’ve had enough of their bullshit,” declared the band’s Tom Morello, before launching into a set that included Rage Against The Machine tracks ‘Bulls on Parade’ and ‘Sleep Now in the Fire’.

The “elite task force of revolutionary musicians” – featuring members of Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill – also played Beastie Boys’ ‘No Sleep ‘til Brooklyn’, which they had partly covered at their debut live show back in June.

The band had earlier that day performed RATM’s ‘Killing in the Name Of’ at the End Poverty Now rally, also in Cleveland. 

Prophets of Rage dropped a new self-titled single today – an updated version of Public’s Enemy’s 1988 track of the same name – and kick off their Make America Rage Again tour in Cleveland tonight.

Republicans began gathering in Cleveland yesterday for the four-day convention to officially endorse Donald Trump as their presidential candidate and party leader.

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