The band reunite with Steve Albini for their ninth studio album.

Japanese post-rock titans MONO will release Requiem For Hell, a five-track 2xLP that will be out this fall via Temporary Residence Ltd.

The band has been steadily active since their 2001 debut Under the Pipal Tree (despite year-long hiatuses here and there), but Requiem finds the band rekindling a lot of the early magic, including the reintroduction of strings to their sound.

Albini is also on production duties with this one, as he was with on 2004’s Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky…  and 2009’s Hymn To The Immortal Wind, making it the first time in nearly a decade that the band has worked with him.

Check out the tracklist and album trailer below.

Requiem For Hell is out October 14 and available for preorder.


01. ‘Death In Rebirth’
02. ‘Stellar’
03. ‘Requiem For Hell’
04. ‘Ely’s Heartbeat’
05. ‘The Last Scene’

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