With an exhibition now open at Barbican and an all-star show coming in London, Icelandic performance artist and musician Ragnar Kjartansson has launched his own label Bel-Air Glamour Records, in collaboration with The Vinyl Factory.

Ragnar Kjartansson says: “With Bel-Air Glamour Records we want to create an enterprise based on dandruff sprinkled artistic fantasies. Working with unique and outrageous talent, making deals in smoked filled backrooms and on golf courses. Glorious mess!

We will release some music from my own art installations as well as other sonic thrills that are connected to them, overpowering them, smashing them. The talent we are signing are some of the most profound stuff happening in our neighbourhood. Music listeners and packaging lovers, I invite you to the thrill of Bel-Air Glamour Records.”

Watch the documentary teaser above featuring the artists and extroverts who make up Iceland’s Bel-Air Glamour collective.



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