The husband and wife duo follow last year’s debut album with a chilly EP.

Clay Rendering, the project of Tara Connelly and her husband Mike Connelly (of Wolf Eyes and Hair Police), have released a new EP, We Are Aware. In addition to being released on Prurient/Vatican Shadow mastermind Dominic Fernow’s Hospital Productions, he also produced the collection which veers through fascinating glimpses of what the group is capable of.

The three track release includes the industrial pop of the title track, the dingy slow burner ‘Never Pass Away’ and the finally the gorgeous ‘Towards Motionless’ which Boomkat nails with the line “Badalamenti meets ambient Plastikman”.

Head to Boomkat now to pre-order We Are Aware and sample its tracks.

Now listen to Vatican Shadow’s very rare FACT mix.



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