“If I just sold the top 20 they would reach $20,000,” the owner says of his impeccable collection.

Craig Kenton of New Zealand has one of the most impeccable collections of boomboxes in the world and now it could be yours to own. The collector has put his collection of over 400 vintage boomboxes up for auction. The lot has a starting price of $20,000, which Kenton explained was a good place to start.

“If I just sold the top 20 they would reach $20,000, and I’ve already had interest in some of those … but I would prefer to sell them as a collection,” he told Stuff.

The majority of the boomboxes are in fine working order and feature now obscure brands such as Sharp, Sanyo, Lasonic and Crown. It makes sense considering Kenton started his collection 15 years ago.

“Finding them has been a big part of my life,” he continues. “I feel like the collection is a piece of 80s art, and I hope they go somewhere they can be seen.”

Head to TradeMe.co.nz to bid and take a closer look at the collection below. [via Vinyl Factory]

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