SoundSwitch claims to make professional lighting accessible to everyone.

Ever wished you had a custom light show to accompany your DJ sets? Serato DJs can soon get their hands on SoundSwitch, a device that allows anyone to create their own professional lighting effects.

Created by New Zealand company Onesixone, SoundSwitch is a software-hardware package that acts as a bridge between the Serato DJ software and industry-standard DMX lighting systems. It allows users to attach lighting cues and effects to audio files, triggering lighting events automatically when songs are played.

As the video above demonstrates, setting up lighting cues with the SoundSwitch software is a similar process to setting up beatgrids in Serato DJ, meaning that anyone with a basic grasp of digital DJ software should be able to create their own light shows.

Of course getting your cues right depends on having access to a compatible lighting rig to test the software, but it makes a professional experience more accessible to those that don’t have a full team behind them.

SoundSwitch has offered a host of tutorial videos on its site to get to grips with the software, which is released on August 12 for $499. The software itself is currently available in beta.



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