The film is named after the taxi drivers who ferry revellers across Durban while pumping out dance music.

Italian label Gqom Oh! and Rome-based radio station Crudo Volta have collaborated on a documentary about Durban’s gqom scene.

Directed by Italian filmmaker Tommaso Cassinis and premiering on The FADER today (July 26), Woza Taxi shines a light on some of the scene’s leading characters, including Dominowe and DJ Mabheko, documenting the struggle these artists face to get their music heard and respected in South Africa, despite gqom’s growing international acclaim.

The film also takes a look at gqom’s connection to drugs, specifically ecstasy, which for many powers up the club nights and “bhenga” dancing associated with the scene. Watch Woza Taxi below.

As gqom producer Citizen Boy, part of the Mafia Boys collective, told FACT in May, gqom’s sinister, percussion-heavy sound seems like it could have been shaped by UK genres like grime and funky, but it has nothing to do with them. Kode9 puts it best: “Like being suspended over the gravitational field of a black hole, and lovin’ it.” Dive into our gqom feature for a deeper look at South Africa’s new generation of house.



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