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Like Radiohead before them, Smash Mouth are almost too singular to fit into a genre. “Rock band” seems too broad, “ska pop” or “pop rock” or “punk pop” are too limiting. Perhaps they’re best described simply as Shrek soundtrack alums.

Regardless, the Shrek-stars’ latest single — a lusty EDM banger called ‘Love Is A Soldier’ — is unlike anything they’ve done before. You could see it as their club-crashing Kid A moment, but we’re just going to assume God is very angry and this is our punishment.

‘Love Is A Soldier’ is co-produced by Specter, a producer who Google redirects to Phil Spector (even when searched with “Smash Mouth”) in a desperate attempt to divert you from this song. But by now it’s really too late for you, so let’s get into it.

‘Love Is A Soldier”s lyric video begins in what looks like a bedroom from The Sims if it were filled with guns, ammunition, grenades and bombs. Over a thumping drum beat, vocalist Steve Harwell demands “I wanna know / are you gonna throw down?”. Don’t let the violent implications of the question or the collection of weapons spread around the badly rendered room fool you, Smash Mouth have only one thing on their mind: sex.

“Sex is a gun,” Harwell croons, letting the line hang over Specter’s persistently unchanged drum loop, before expanding his analogy by offering “you’re ammunition”. It all leads to the chanted song title of the chorus while we the camera zooms by tanks and helicopters that look straight out of a Playstation 1 game.

We could go on, but you’re better off watching for yourself. Besides you’ve read this far, there’s no going back. In the words of a great poet: “Nothing can hold ya and nothing can hold ya … cuz love is a soldier”.

Watch ‘Love Is A Solider’ below.



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