“A poetic, frenetic dive through the mind of the singer-songwriter.”

The life of outsider artist Daniel Johnston has been turned into a colourful graphic novel.

With illustrations from Spanish muralist Ricardo Cavolo and accompanying text from fiction writer Scott McClanahan, The Incantations of Daniel Johnston chronicles the life and times of the West Virginia-born musician and his on-going struggles with mental health.



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[Via The Fader]

The graphic novel captures the musician’s visions—both artistic and hallucinatory—in an intensely colorful cartoonish style,” writes the New York Times Book Review, while Comics Beat calls it “a poetic, frenetic dive through the mind of the singer-songwriter.” You can pick up a copy from Two Dollar Radio.

Watch the trailer for essential 2005 documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston below and remind yourself of Lana Del Rey’s cover of Johnston’s classic track ‘Some Things Last A Long Time’.



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