So wrong it’s right.

The humble glitch – it sounds like it should be easy to make, but there’s more to it than you might think. Thankfully, there’s a new synthesizer module that should make the process somewhat simpler, and fittingly, it all started with a mistake.

IDM label Detroit Underground has teamed up with Beijing-based hacker and music producer Meng Qi (aka menqimusic) to create the Circuit-Bent Digital Waveguide™, or the DU-KRPLS. From the outside it looks not unlike one of MakeNoise’s modules, but inside’s where things get interesting.

The module has two modes, the regular mode uses “Karplus–Strong string synthesis” to emulate the sound of a plucked string – a particularly useful sound if you’re desperate to make music like late-90s Autechre. Flip a switch and things get really bizarre: the “circuit-bent” mode uses broken code to create glitches and noise that… err… also sounds like late-90s Autechre. Which is obviously a good thing.

You can grip the Eurorack module now from the Detroit Underground site for the modest price of $120. [via CDM]



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