You’ll want to clear some space in the studio for this.

The company behind a forthcoming reboot of the Soviet Union’s most famous synthesizer has offered a closer look at the device.

Solid details of the device are still forthcoming, but the new Polivoks is a lot more portable than the ’80s original while still being capable of creating the same outlandish sounds.

According to the Polivoks website this faithful sound is down to each unit being made from 85% original Soviet components. There won’t be many built though – the handcrafted synth is limited to 100 units.

Unlike the original, the Polivoks reboot includes MIDI connections. It also uses the same cyrillic script as the original, but the new model has a handy translation on the underside to stop you mixing up the filter with the modulation.

There’s no release date or price for the new Polivoks yet, but you can send order enquiries at the website’s feedback page. Check out images of the Polivoks below. [via Synthtopia]

polivoks-top polivoks-rear polivoks-underside

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