A story of love and life told through a slideshow of images.

The latest release on the label of London’s Rhythm Section club night comes from Manchester house producer Hidden Spheres.

Lead track ‘Well Well’ is a jazzy deep house number to file alongside the music of Theo Parrish, Andrés and Moodymann, and its colourful video full of playful stock images reflects the track’s carefree vibe.

About the video, director Tom Guilmard says: “I’ve had these shady old school stock image catalogues since I was 14 and I’ve always wanted to do something with the images in them. We talked briefly about where the song came from and I thought about what I took from the song and the result is a story of love and life told through a slideshow of images.”

“I always try and add humour to anything I make but it wasn’t hard to do with this because the pictures are just pretty funny themselves. I think my favourite thing about the video is that depending on what mood you’re in you always take something different from it. Its completely up for interpretation”.

Well Well is available now on iTunes and Bandcamp.




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