Funkmaster Flex says he’s not worried about losing his job, calls Drake “sandal man”.

Long-standing Hot 97 host Funkmaster Flex used his show last night to accuse Drake of giving Meek Mill the reference tracks that led to the beef between the two rappers last summer. In a twenty-minute long segment, Flex also shared other stories about the Toronto rapper including a fight with Puffy and details of a 2009 Hot 97 freestyle video.

The origin for Flex’s rant seems to be a recent appearance by Drake in New York City during which he dropped the line “You see they telling’ lies on Hot 97, that’s how it goes/I told ’em fire Funk Flex and then I’ll come do your show.”

Flex appears to have taken the line personally and told his audience that he wasn’t worried about losing his job. He then offered a reason why: “70 per cent of your fans wear high heels. The other 30 per cent are guys who wear sandals.” Later on, he calls Drake “sandal man”. “He looks like he should have a brand of sandals, right?”

With regards to last summer’s beef between Drake and Meek Mill, which sparked off claims of ghostwriting on Drake’s behalf, Flex says that it was the Toronto rapper’s team who supplied Meek with the reference tracks. This was apparently done to prove that Drake was not taking shots, subliminal or otherwise, at the Philadelphia rapper as first thought.

Flex had aired the reference track for Drake’s ’10 Bands’ on Hot 97 last July, in the wake of Meek’s accusations. He also stated he was not a fan of the rapper though during last night’s rant he admitted “I play [Drake’s records] because the people enjoy them, and I enjoy them as well.” Flex also said Drake should have admitted he had received help on “a couple things” instead of trying to hide it.

The Hot 97 host didn’t limit his stories to the Drake/Mill beef, however. He also recounted a story of a fight between Puff Daddy and Drake which ended with the Canadian rapper’s arm in a sling after his security twisted it while dragging him into a car.

Flex then took shots at the relationship between Drake and Future. Apparently, Drake was supposed to be on DJ Khaled’s ‘I Got The Keys’ but it ended up featuring Jay-Z and Future. “Tonight, when Future comes out on that stage, you gon’ give him that bag of money,” Flex said. “You know why? Because you need him to be street. You need him on that tour.”

Lastly, Flex also detailed a story behind Drake’s 2009 Hot 97 freestyle. In a video released by the station, the rapper is seen reading off a Blackberry. Drake had told Zane Lowe shortly after that he wasn’t aware the video would be released but Flex claims it was his team who requested it be uploaded even though Hot 97 had reservations about it. The implication being that it was a calculated move by Drake and his team to show the rapper did write his own verses. “You wanted people to think that you wrote your bars. Because you knew the day would come when people might see and question your pen.”


During an appearance at Space Ibiza last night, Drake shouted out real DJs and, in an apparent retort to Flex, not those who play “the songs four weeks late and shit trying to sound cool, late night, primetime on the radio, seven to nine o’ clock talking all that bullshit.”

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