The PPG Phonem even lets you create words and phrases.

Synth pioneer Wolfgang Palm has announced an iPad version of his PPG Phonem vocal synthesizer, which allows you to create synthesised vocal phrases.

Palm – who invented the wavetable synthesis method in the 1970s – recently released PPG Phonem as a VST synth plug-in, but as Synthtopia reports, the iPad version has been optimised for multi-touch.

Like its predecessor, the iPad version allows you to create words and phrases by sequencing “phonemes” – short chunks of synthesised sound. The result is eerie synthetic vocals that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Holly Herndon or Oneohtrix Point Never track.

While the PPG Phonem was designed to synthesise vocals, Palm says that the engine is capable of creating a much wider variety of sounds. The app also features time-stretching, a song mode for composing whole tracks and support for monophonic and polyphonic synths.

The synth also features support for Inter-App Audio, which makes it a real proposition for producers wanting to use it as part of a wider setup. A demo video shows three instances of the app being used at once.

There’s no release date or price for the PPG Phonem app yet, but you can still pick up the PPG Wavemapper synth for iPad at the App Store for $19.99/£14.99.

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