Play Lemmings 2R-TypeSpace Ace and try out some old Amiga music apps.

Looking for something to do until the miniature NES Classic Edition arrives? You can now play over 2,000 classic Commodore Amiga games in your browser thanks to the Internet Archive.

The new Amiga-centric section features full games, demos and applications from one of gaming’s golden eras, including Lemmings 2, R-Type and Space Ace. You don’t need an emulator – just load them in your browser and you can start playing instantly.

Unfortunately some of the biggest Amiga titles are notably absent, including James Pond, Shadow of the Beast and Sensible World of Soccer. If Amiga’s not your thing the Internet Archive also features a page full of old arcade games. Sadly there’s no sign of the mythical Polybius there.

If you’d rather just get nostalgic for the music of the era, the Amiga archive includes a few titles featured on our list of the 100 greatest video game soundtracks: Bubble Bobble and Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards.

There’s also a few old Amiga music-making apps including the brilliantly named TechnoSound Turbo. If you want to make music like Legowelt, this could be your chance. [via TechRadar]

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