The Japanese composer also starred in the film alongside David Bowie.

Ryuichi Sakamoto’s score for Nagisa Ôshima’s Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence is to be reissued on vinyl.

The BAFTA-winning 1983 movie, which marked Sakamoto’s foray into film music, is set in a World War II Japanese prison camp and focusses on the relationship between a young camp commander, played by Sakamoto, and a British soldier, played by David Bowie.

Sakamoto talks about the movie in our recent interview with the composer. “I never pursued an acting career, it was not my intention, but it’s a fact that I acted in a film for the very first time with David Bowie, who was amazing.

“And it was my very first film music. So two very new things came to be at the same time. Working with David Bowie, I was with him for a month, every day, on a very small island in the South Pacific Ocean. For a month!”

The reissue is out October 21 on Milan Records, the same label who also released Sakamoto and Alva Noto’s soundtrack to The Revenant. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence is the latest release from Milan Records’ ‘Nicolas Winding Refn Presents’ series, which has previously featured Disasterpeace’s It Follows OST and Brad Fiedel’s The Terminator OST. See the full tracklist and reissue artwork below. [via Pitchfork]

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01. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
02. Batavia
03. Germination
04. A Hearty Breakfast
05. Before The War
06. The Seed and The Sower
07. A Brief Encounter
08. Ride, Ride, Ride (Cellier’s Brother’s Song)
09. The Fight
10. Father Christmas
11. Dismissed
12. Assembly
13. Beyond Reason
14. Sowing The Seed
15. 23rd Psalm
16. Last Regrets
17. Ride, Ride, Ride
18. The Seed
19. Forbidden Colors (ft. David Sylvian)




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