Be the first to know if Boys Don’t Cry ever does arrive.

It’s been six days since Frank Ocean’s second album was expected to drop, and still nothing. If you want to know it’s here the minute it arrives, someone has created a free service that will notify you the minute that happens.

(650)82OCEAN is the brainchild of developer Shahzeb Khan. It automatically checks Spotify, iTunes and Twitter for Frank Ocean news and sends everyone subscribed a text message with the album link as soon as it’s live.

All you have to do is enter your phone number (or email address) and the service should cut the time it takes to get your hands on Boys Don’t Cry by a few minutes at least. Assuming that is, it ever arrives.

Khan says that your number will be held in a “secure database,” but obviously it’s to be used at your own risk. Try it here.

Despite the rumoured release date of August 5 going by without any sign of the album, the looping “art project” is still being streamed at the Boys Don’t Cry website.

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