UK veteran makes a return to his own label and singing with new EP.

Darren White, aka dBridge, has been anything but quiet in the past five years and yet in that time he hasn’t released a single solo project on his own Exit Records imprint. The stretch is now broken with the aptly named Too Late EP.

Too Late features four new tracks by dBridge alongside two remixes of the title cut by his brother Steve Spacek and London’s Stray.

In a recent feature for FACT where he discussed his musical evolution over the past 20 years, dBridge mentioned the importance of singing. “As electronic music producers we all have access to the same tools in some ways, the same palette of sounds, but the voice is uniquely yours,” he said. After he began singing in 2009, the producer said he had stopped doing it but three tracks on the new EP, ‘Too Late’, ‘Better Than The Pain’, and ‘Cos My Love Is’, feature his voice once again.

Despite the lack of solo releases, dBridge has been busy helming the label and signing new artists. He’s also released music in various collaborative guises over the past five years including as The Binary Collective and Module Eight.

Alongside the new EP, dBridge has also released four new tracks on the Pleasure District sub-label, where he’s been more active. Pleasure District was founded two years ago following the dissolution of White’s acclaimed Autonomic project alongside Boddika and Instra:mental.

During his recent conversation with FACT, dBridge mentioned that he was working on both a solo album and a new collaborative album with long-standing partner Damon “Kid Drama” Kirkham under the name Heartdrive.

Vinyl copies of both releases are available directly from the Exit store.

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