Brooklyn rapper Ka looks to the east.

For the past four years FACT favorite Ka has released music in the same unceremonious way and his latest drops today. Honor Killed The Samurai is the Brownsville’s rapper fourth solo album following from last year’s Dr. Yen Lo collaboration with Preservation.

As hinted at in the title, the new album takes inspiration from Japan with the rapper noting on Twitter that he did “a lot of research” for the record and gained a greater respect for the culture.

Honor Killed The Samurai is out today, released in the same no-fanfare way Ka has used since coming to attention with 2012’s Grief Pedigree album. You can buy it on iTunes and on CD or vinyl directly from Ka’s website.

For those of you in NYC, Ka will be posted outside the now-defunct Other Music shop in Manhattan from 2-4pm EST today to sell copies directly to fans. The rapper’s appearance outside the store on release days has become something of a tradition and the store was an early supporter of Ka’s music.

The first video from Honor Killed The Samurai is also out now, for album track ‘Just’. It’s an animation directed by Kyle Samuels.

Videos have also always played an important part in Ka’s music. As deft behind the camera as he is on the microphone or sampler, Ka has brought most of his albums to life with emotive black and white videos shot around NYC.

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