Geruis Uit Somberdorp also features Mixtur Trautonium and synth.

Dutch synth explorer Legowelt aka Danny Wolfers has released a recording of a concert made with collaborator Jimi Hellinga as Zandvoort & Uilenbal on synthesizer and several unusual instruments.

Geruis Uit Somberdorp was commissioned by Dutch classical broadcaster Concertzender. In a change from Wolfers’ usual direction, the performance features a wood-crafted Victorian era harmonium organ and a Mixtur Trautonium, an early electronic instrument that uses neon tube relaxation oscillators to create sonic waveforms.

According to Wolfers’ label Nightwind Recordings, Geruis uit Somberdorp is influenced by “the idea of the somber coastal village,” and was recorded in the Holland seaside town of Scheveningen during a “mundane” North Sea winter.

“Musically the instruments are all their opposites: The old wooden harmonium, the sizzling electricity of the Trautonium and the digital sprinkle of the synthesizer,” the label explains.

“They all merge into an arcane porridge that stretches many centuries. We can hear touches from the ‘madrigale spirituale’ of Renaissance madman Carlo Gesualdo de Venosa all the way to the hypnotic disymetrical patterns of Morton Feldman.”

The 11-track release is available to buy from the Nightwind Records Bandcamp page. As well as a digital release there’s a CD version with a cassette tape coming later in August.

Last week Legowelt gave away his unofficial remix of David Bowie’s ‘80s classic ‘This Is Not America’. Find out how to make a Legowelt track in FACT TV’s video below.

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