The event company embraces PreCheck to speed up lines.

Live Nation has entered an agreement with IdentoGO, the private company that handles security PreCheck applications with the U.S. Transportation Security Agency, to create a fast lane for many upcoming events, Pitchfork reports.

According to the report, attendees to participating events (about 20) will be able to sign up for TSA PreCheck, the program that allows those enrolled to bypass the traditional airport security process.

In airports, PreChecked members do not have to remove jackets, shoes, laptops and other personal belongings. PreCheck members at participating shows will have a sort of “Fast Pass” enabling them to avoid the long line (they will still receive the same security screening).

TSA PreCheck made its Live Nation debut last month at Washington’s Watershed country music festival and will continue with other festivals into next year including the Kanye-headlining Meadows Music & Art Fest in Queens, NY. Many events will offer on-site sign ups. Applicants must pay $85 for a five-year membership and bring a government-issued photo ID and proof of U.S. citizenship, such as a passport or birth certificate.

Read more about how to apply for PreCheck here.



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