The influential recordings have never been this widely available.

William S. Burrough’s iconic tape experiments will be collected and released on vinyl for the first time as Curse Go Back, a new compilation due August 29th through Paradigm Discs.

Though Burroughs is best known for novels like Junkie and Naked Lunch, he also popularized the cut-up technique where a writer constructs new texts out of previously cut up words and phrases. The technique, which streches back to the Dada movement, remains hugely influential to this day, laying groundwork for collage art and directly informing the writing of albums such as David Bowie’s Low and Radiohead’s Kid A.

Curse Go Back compiles Burroughs’ tape manipulations of his own cut-up phrases. The only time the recordings were previously released was in 1998 as a free CD titled Electronic Revolution, given away with the debut issue of French magazine Crash. The release was later recalled letting only approximately 100 copies into the world.

Paradigm’s release cuts condenses the original hour-plus recording to an LP-friendly 46-minutes and comes on clear vinyl. It also includes a 12×12 insert with an essay by Ben Harper and previously unseen portrait photos of Burroughs during a drug experiment.

Listen to some of Burroughs’ work below and look for the release now via Boomkat. [via Vinyl Factory]





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