Auto-Tune and other digital technologies are explored in the DJ’s latest work.

DJ/rupture (aka Jace Clayton) has released a new book titled Uproot: Travels in 21st-Century Music and Digital Culture, an exploration of how digital technology has permanently altered the musical landscape.

One noteworthy example covered in the book, which shares a title with Clayton’s iconic 2008 mix album Uproot, is Auto-Tune. Clayton discussed the technology and its far reaching power (even to small communities in Morocco) in a new interview with NPR.

“It created a new sound. The way it works is it goes in there and actually alters the waveforms of your voice,” he said, “so it’s this very intimate and strange modulation with technology. And it excites the ears in a way that few other things do”.

Find the full interview here and buy Clayton’s book here.

Revisit Uproot, the album, below.



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