Alex Gray retires his best project.

Alex Gray will close the book on his D/P/I (DJ Purple Image) moniker with one final album titled Composer. Though he’s known for his early work as Heatwave and Deep Magic and as Sun Araw’s guitarist, the LA artist has focused on D/P/I over the last several years releasing many of his best albums.

Composer is out September 9 via Shelter Press and follows last year’s Add Hocc, a USB-album that came in six variations intended to be played simultaneously. Though Gray stressed Composer “isn’t a ‘techno’, ‘experimental’, ‘abstract’, ‘dance’, ‘IDM’, or any ‘genre’ of album,” it follows previous D/P/I releases such as the brittle MN.ROY (one of 2014’s best overlooked albums) and the YouTube-video sourced collage of ESPRESSO DIGITAL in exploring the ways human error intersects with the seeming perfection of electronic instruments.

You can hear as much in the closing ‘Pattern/WAYTA?’ which shivers with disorienting synths and drum stabs. It’s an example of Gray’s aim to create “compositions that reflect the seeming-instability, excitement, and sadness in time, here referred to as a fixed, unmoving element in the ‘universe’, that our human software is intrinsically dependent on to interpret these rhythms and the rest of the material world”.

Listen to ‘Pattern/WAYTA?’ below and pre-order Composer here. [via TinyMixTapes]

Composer track list:

01. ‘Poly-’
02. ‘Semantics’
03. ‘Image Furnace’
04. ‘Ecstatics’
05. ‘Escape’
06. ‘Acid’
07. ‘Pattern/WAYTA?’



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