The followup to the Polaris Prize winning Animism arrives soon.

Inuit artist Tanya Tagaq has announced her new album Retribution will be out this fall. Though many first heard Tagaq through collaborations with Björk on the vocal-based album Medúlla, she gained international attention with her 2014 solo album Animism.

That record won the Polaris Music Prize and gave Tagaq a bigger platform to show the fierceness of her throat singing-influenced music while performing in front of a silently scrolling list of names of murdered and missing indigenous women. Her latest is described as even more aggressive, both musically and politically.

Retribution is an album conceptually about rape (“rape of women, rape of the land, rape of children, despoiling of traditional lands without consent,” the press release reads) and closes with a cover of Nirvana’s ‘Rape Me’.

The album is also influenced by Tagaq’s own experiences as a survivor of Canada’s infamous Residential School System. The government program launched in 1876 and intended to assimilate indigenous children into the Canadian culture ran for over 100 years, but was riddled with physical and sexual abuse. At least 6,000 children died in the program by the time it was shut down in 1996.

Retribution also finds Tagaq collaborating with other vocalists including the rapper Shad, Tuvan throat singer Radik Tyülyüsh, traditional Inuk singer Ruben Komangapik, and her own young daughter, Inuuja.

For an idea of how powerful Tagaq’s music can be, you can stream Retribution‘s first single, ‘Aorta,’ below. It’s a muscular attack of percussion, breathing, screaming and grunting that demands attention.

Listen to ‘Aorta’ below and look for Retribution on November 18 via Six Shooter



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