Everything you need for a house party with your stuffed crust.

Fast food restaurants really want us to make music: earlier this year McDonald’s allowed us to make beats with placemats, now Pizza Hut is offering us the chance to DJ with an empty pizza box.

Created by printed electronics specialist Novalia, Pizza Hut’s new box features a DJ setup printed in conductive ink, including two decks, pitch control, volume control and crossfader.

The battery-powered box syncs with your computer or phone via Bluetooth and connects to any MIDI compatible DJ software such as Serato DJ. It lets you scratch and rewind tracks, and it’s even got a sync button.

As Rinse FM’s DJ Vectra shows in the video below, the box seems to work pretty well. What it doesn’t explain is how well the controls are going to work when they’re covered in mozzarella and pizza grease.

If you want to get your hands on one, you might have some trouble. According to Pizza Hut, they’re only available from five takeaway locations across the UK with the purchase of any collection pizza. Exact release dates will be revealed through Pizza Hut’s Twitter feed.

Pizza Hut’s playable DJ box uses similar technology to McDonald’s recent McTrax placemat, which uses to your phone to create a small studio once your Big Mac is out of the way.

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