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FACT Classic Mix: Jackmaster

Jackmaster is a many-sided die.

Last month he reminded us of his undying love for proper techno via a DJ Kicks mix packed with heavy-duty belters sourced from Berlin, Detroit and Glasgow, a selection harking back to his formative years at his first party, Seismic.

The aim of the mix, he told us, was to remind anyone who’d encountered his festival-friendly Tweak-A-Holic sets that he’s no “one-trick pony” party-starter, and quash the lingering falsehood that he’s some kind of dubstep DJ. “Never in my life have I ever played a set purely of one genre, let alone dubstep,” he pointed out, and we’re delighted to present Exhibit A in his defence: Jackmaster’s 2008 FACT mix.

One of the very earliest FACT mixes, it’s boisterous and eclectic but tightly controlled, darting from Mr. Oizo to L-Vis 1990 and from Zomby to Lil Wayne remixes. Like he told us last month, “I don’t really believe in DJing to tick boxes. I think that’s probably why I’ve always been all over the place in terms of genres.”

The mix is so ancient, in FACT terms at least, that we didn’t even have the tracklist, so shout out MixesDB for this one.


Mux Mool – ‘Death 9000’ (Machine Drum Remix)
Harmonic 313 – ‘Cyclotron Loud’
Ryan Leslie feat. Cassie – ‘Addiction’
Fulgeance – ‘Low Club Anthem’ (Edit)
David Banner – ‘Play’
Modeselektor – ‘Hasir’
Ghosts On Tape – ‘Mogadishu Nightlife’
Rustie – ‘White Girl’
Dwizz – ‘Salt, Pepper Ketchup & Hot Sauce’ (DJ Diamond Kuts Remix)
Justice – ‘Planisphère, Part 1’
LL – ‘Beeper Creeper’
Zomby – ‘Need Ur Lovin”
Say Wut – ‘Furious Remix’ (Say-Wut Rewind)
Mr Oizo – ‘Gay Dentist’
L-vis 1990 – ‘Playin With Knives’
Zomby – ‘Strange Fruit’
Lil Wayne – ‘A Milli’ (Scottie B Remix)
Jameson – ‘Urban Hero’
Jammin – ‘Go DJ’
Ambidextrous – ‘Funk It’
Tactic feat. Brik Mason – ‘Bump N Sniff’
MOVES!!! – ‘Playaz’
Piddy Py – ‘Prickly Rose’ (Edit)
The Endz – ‘R U From The Endz’
Wiley – ‘Eskimo 2008’
Wideboys – ‘What You’re Thinking’ (Edit)



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