The world of masterful adventure game series grows even wider.

The serialized adventure game Kentucky Route Zero has seen its cult following grow since its first act debuted in 2013. With dreamlike visuals, a humorously surreal story and powerful music, it’s become one of the defining games of the decade.

Though Act IV was only recently released to the critical acclaim expected of the series, developer Cardboard Computer has a surprise for anyone swept away by the series’ android bar band, Junebug and Johnny. Composer Ben Babbitt, who recently spoke to FACT about the game’s incredible soundtrack, has made a full length album under the guise of the characters who made the music all so memorable.

Junebug is maybe the only instance we can think of of an album being credited to fictional video game characters, but it falls in line with the curious approach made by Cardboard Games (a trio which includes Babbitt).

“We, collectively, have established this sort of looser way of making things—creating a world—and making many different kinds of things that aren’t necessarily all videogames,” Babbitt told Killscreen.

There’s no release date yet for Junebug, but you can hear its first single, alongside the characters’ stunning in-game performance below.

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