Introducing Ariel Stink, Ariel Plink182, Ariel NSYNC and Ariel Black.

As one of the great pop weirdos of this generation, Ariel Pink’s appearance on The Eric Andre Show was bound to be memorable, but no one could have expected this.

In his appearance last night, the singer (and aspiring politician) began by performing an acoustic rendition of his House Arrest classic ‘Helen’ before being dubbed “Ariel Stink” by André and dumped with brown toilet water. He’s then dubbed “Ariel Plink182” and backed by an impersonator of Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker. This is followed by “Ariel NSYNC” with boy band backup dancers and finally “Ariel Black” (co-host Hannibal Buress performing in a blonde wig), before Pink gets up and leaps onto the host’s desk, destroying it.

Somehow all of this occurs in under 45 seconds.



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