The producer’s first album in six years is enormous.

IDM great Erik Kowalski has announced his new album as Casino Versus Japan, the double-cassette release Frozen Geometry, will be out October 21.

Though Kowalski’s work remains impeccable, Casino Versus Japan is not a project known for speed. His last album, Night On Tape appeared in 2010, coming eight years after the classic Whole Numbers Play The Basics. He’s clearly made up for lost time, though, because Frozen Geometry is comprised of 80 tracks of his dreamy, electronic compositions.

Geometry is built from years worth of processed guitar pieces Kowalski originally meant to use as melodic foundations for other tracks. Eventually though, he “became aware of them existing on their own” and decided to release them as is. It’s a quality that shines in the sparklingly atmospheric tracks he’s shared so far.

Listen to a collection of tracks from below and pre-order it via Bandcamp.



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