Turns is the duo’s first album since 2012’s Transsektoral.

Berghain regulars Barker & Baumecker will release their second album on Ostgut Ton in November.

The duo have been quiet on the production front since the release of their debut album Transsektoral in 2012, which blended the classic Berghain techno sound with elements of UK club music.

As well as DJing at both Berghain and Panorama Bar regularly over the past four years, the duo have also become known for their hardware-heavy live show, which combines modular gear with analog drum machines.

The label hasn’t released many details of the album yet, but it’s called Turns and is released on November 25. It’s preceded by a 12″ on October 7 with two tracks: ‘Love Hertz’ and ‘Cipher’.

According to the label, ‘Love Hertz’ is a melodic, “bluesy UK Bass-inspired cut,” while ‘Cipher’ is a rework of a two-part track from Turns made for the club that is said in a press release to sound as if the duo is “hammering onto Berghain’s steel staircase. Listen to previews of both tracks below.



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