He’s currently applying for a liquor license now.

Father Tom Plant has big plans for St Michael’s Church in Camden, north London. The priest hopes to convert his church into a music venue complete with a new stage, light and sound system. He’s currently waiting on the Camden Council to accept his liquor license for the in-church bar, Telegraph reports.

As bizarre as the plan sounds, Father Plant’s intentions are pure. Though the priest is a vocal fan of heavy metal, particularly Nine Inch Nails, he insists to local residents that type of music “wouldn’t work acoustically” and he has no plans to build a “mosh pit”. Rather, the venue will focus on solo artists and as for the booze, he doesn’t see it as anything out of the ordinary.

“It’s not a place to come and get drunk, but we’re not a church that shies away from alcohol … we believe Jesus turned water into wine for a reason,” he argues.

The real goal is to give the 19th-century church a new significance in the community and to “put the church on the cultural map”.

“We’re trying to get ourselves more established in the artistic world and we want to welcome people from all sorts of sub-cultures,” he says.

Check back for updates when Plant finds out about his license.



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