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FACT mix 567: Riz La Teef

South London’s Riz La Teef raids his crates for a mix of rare vinyl and exclusive acetates.

Riz La Teef is hard to miss – you can spot him lugging a bag of whitelabels and dubplates to the dance when everyone else is wandering in with USB stick and a pair of headphones. Along with a few other London selectors (Spooky and Parris, for example), Riz La Teef is a wax holdout.

If something’s not released on vinyl – no problem, he can head down to Music House and cut an acetate. It’s an expensive passion, sure, but whoever said love was free? The fact is, Riz La Teef is keeping the soul of dance music alive at a time when perfection – and the dreaded sync button – threatens to flush it all out the emergency exit.

On his debut FACT mix, he blends a wide range of grime and garage-influenced sounds, ranging from Wiley’s OG sounds (‘Igloo’ makes an appearance) and a classic Horsepower Productions rework of DJ Zinc’s ‘Flim’ to more recent bangers from Strict Face (including his ace rework of Rihanna’s ‘Sex With Me’), Murlo and Fallow.

Don’t miss Riz La Teef, Loom, TSVI, Kamixlo and more at the next Acid Fantasy night (November 2nd).


TSVI & Lorenzo BITW – Horror Show x Storm (Werdna Edit) (Dubplate)
Luru – Soca (Dubplate)
Killjoy – Moving Target (Nico Lindsay Riz Spesh) (Dubplate)
Apple – Mr Bean Refix (W/L)
Ms. Dynamite – Get Low (Free DL)
Luru – Tabu (Dubplate)
Rope – Club Eyes (Dubplate)
Blackdown – Where We Come From (Moss Vocal Riz Spesh) (Dubplate)
Noire x Lobby – Bossa (Dubplate)
Destruction Boyz – Rumbling (Holloway No Pulse Mix) (Dubplate)
Lack – ASYU (Dubplate)
Pinch Ft. Riko Dan – Big Slug (Walton Remix) (Dubplate)
Nu Klass A – The Rhythm (Steve Gurley Remix) (Public Demand)
Noire – Castle Futur (Dubplate)
Luru – Trumpets (Dubplate)
Lack – Funky Steps (Dubplate)
DJ Zinc – Flim (Horsepower Mix) (Bingo Beats)
Lil Silva – Pulse vs. Flex (W/L)
Rihanna – Sex With Me (Strict Face Refix) (Dubplate)
Wiley – Igloo (W/L)
Murlo – At The End (Die For Me) (Dubplate)
Strict Face – White Rovers VIP (Dubplate)
MM – Drumline Death (Dubplate)
Fallow – Rearmament (Riz Spesh) (Dubplate)
Youngstar – Shotta (DDJs Productions)
Scratcha DVA – Worst (Sinjin Hawke Remix) (Killa P Vox) (Dubplate)
??????? – ??????? (Dubplate)
Wiley – Morgue (Riko Riz Spesh) (Dubplate)



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