“Bring on the fight!”

A protest to save London’s clubs is set to take place next month.

Spurred on by the recent closure of Fabric, organisers are calling on people to unite and “protect the sacred place where we gather, where we feel alive & where we fall in love…The places where we come together as a whole, as a community.”

A Facebook event has been set up, with a date of October 8, although the location has yet to be confirmed. Over one and a half thousand people have already clicked ‘attending’ on the event page.

“The government need to step up and defend the millions of people’s right to our culture,” reads the blurb. “Our culture is under treat, UK nightlife is under threat. Strict licensing laws, unchecked housing development in historically late night areas and a lack of awareness about the benefits of nightlife culture have led to a 50% decrease in venues across the country.

“Enough is enough. We can only change things if we unite for this common goal. Bring on the fight!”

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