“A statement-making rejection of the shiny brand new look, the idea of a new start, the promise of power”.

Kim Gordon has released a new single made in collaboration with producer Justin Raisen and Warpaint-drummer Stella Mozgawa. ‘Murdered Out’ is a tribute to the matte black paint, specifically the kind Gordon saw on cars during her return to Los Angeles.

“Black-on-black matte is the ultimate expression in digging out, getting rid of, purging the soul. Like a black hole, the supreme inward look, a culture collapsing in on itself, the outsider as an unwilling participant as the ‘It’ look,” Gordon writes about the track.

The stomping, grim track is only a one-off single, but Gordon describes the experience working with Raisen as “such a surprise” that she’s already looking forward to their next collaboration.



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