Lee Norris generates glassy IDM with a new album from his long-running project.

IDM veteran Lee Norris has released a new album through his best known project Metamatics, the first since 2014’s Instamatic. Bodypop is described as “slower and faster, the same, new” on Norris’ Bandcamp page, and it certainly rings true.

Norris’ style is still rooted in IDM music and squelchy acid bass lines, but he’s also a producer who has spent decades learning his sound in and out. From the unruly ‘Moor Mist’ to the eerie precision of ‘Image 2 Image’ it’s easy to hear how Metamatics landed in the top 20 of our 100 greatest IDM tracks of all time.

Stream Bodypop below and grab it through Norris’ newly relaunched label Neo Ouija.



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