“I write, mix, engineer and produce every track I’ve ever been involved with.”

Boddika has responded to the recent allegations that Hannah Wants plagiarised the VIP version of his and Joy Orbison’s ‘Mercy’ track from 2012.

‘Found The Ground’ was removed from SoundCloud on Sunday (September 11), when a Facebook user played the two tracks over the top of each other and found them to have striking similarities.

Writing on Twitter, Boddika remained tight-lipped on the situation, instead appearing to pass judgement on Wants’ previous use of known ghostwriter Chris Lorenzo to co-produce tracks early in her career.

Wants yesterday denied that she had plagiarised ‘Mercy (VIP)’, but admitted that the track had been “the inspiration” behind ‘Found The Ground’. “I went into the studio to create a piece of music that had a similar impact on the dancefloor,” she said. “It was never intended to insult or offend.

“Not one sample of any kind was taken from Mercy (VIP) to create Found The Ground so I’d like to squish the serious and may I add illegal “plagiarism” allegations right here. It is merely bitter controversy and a harder hitting headline for articles.”

‘Found The Ground’ is set to be released on Rinse on September 16, the same day as her Fabriclive 89 mix, which also features the track.



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