Another large-scale venue could be in the borough’s future.

The owner of Bossa Nova Civic Club has applied for a liquor license at a new location in Brooklyn with the hopes of building a 1300-capacity club, DNAinfo reports.

John Barclay applied for the license at 198 Randolph St., a warehouse space on the line between Bushwick and the industrial area of East Williamsburg, last week. Not much is known about the club except it will offer typically ticketed venue shows as well as club nights and be open until 6am on weekends.

“We are trying to follow every possible rule and we are very open to any input from the community board,” Barclay said after a community board meeting about the application last Wednesday.

In addition to drinks, the space will offer food as well. Although as we’ve learned from other planned New York clubs, this could veer from genuinely promising to horrifically bad quite easily.



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