And some of his collaborators haven’t even heard it.

Frank Ocean may have released a bounty of new music for his relentlessly hungry fans, dropping albums Endless and Blonde in tandem, but he still has a lot more in the vault. According to an interview with Pitchfork, guitarist Billy “Spaceman” Patterson (contributor to both albums) says there is a ton of unreleased material.

“Our sessions are like, man, we had like 14-hour, 15-, 16-hour sessions. So there’s a whole lot of music that we wind up covering … we’re creating continually,” Patterson said. “There’s a lot of stuff that we recorded that I still haven’t heard yet.”

No doubt that the year-long delay on the project played host to even more music that we probably will never hear or even hear about. But it must make Ocean fans happy to know that all the while they were belly-aching on Twitter for a new album, he was toiling away non-stop.

Ocean was reportedly interviewed by Zane Lowe last week, who dropped everything and flew to Toyko for the chat. Stay tuned for more.



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