A perfect choice for approaching modular synthesis on a budget.

Modular synthesizer manufacturer Tiptop Audio has finally released what we’ve all been waiting for – a large, portable Eurorack case that won’t break the bank. Priced at just $335 and offering a power supply as well as room for a host of modules (two rows of 104HP, for those of you who are already planning out their system), the Mantis Case is a thing of beauty, with a carrying handle and customizable legs available in four colors (green, red, orange and blue) that can be set in three different positions, zero, 45 and 90 degrees.

This case comes at a time when interest in modular synthesizers is at an all-time high, with producers desperate not only to escape the trappings of their software setup, but also customize their experience. With the Mantis Case, Tiptop are offering newcomers a vital cheaper option without sacrificing quality.

You can read more about the Mantis Case at the Tiptop website.



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