Create a more authentic rhythm backbone for your West Indian-inspired dance tracks.

Jus Now are the product of what happens when two dance music fans – Sam Interface from Bristol and LAZAbeam from Trinidad – unite to innovate Caribbean dance music. For their latest for Feel Up Records, Alone, the DJ-production duo helped to develop the first-ever in-depth sample library of Trinidad and Tobago-style percussion that usually accompanies steel pans. They drive the sounds you mentally conjure when someone mentions Crop Over, Caribana, Notting Hill Carnival and, especially in this case, j’Ouvert.

Jus Now teamed with Indigisounds, creators of the world’s first comprehensive steel pan sample library, to build this percussion sound database of 3500 instruments. They named it Laventille Rhythm Section after a 30-piece percussion group (or “engine room”) from Trinidad & Tobago whose style is both primordial and innovative. The sample library aims to capture the drum orchestra’s unique sound and give its users a wide-range of distinctive percussion.

The library includes the sounds of West African djun djun drums and Indo-Trinidadian tassa drums, as well as recycled oil barrels and iron wheel hubs, plus thousands of other percussion sounds with a “distinct tribal edge.” Jus Now and the real Laventille Rhythm Section also created eight original rhythm loops that you can also access through the sample library.

The sample library is available for $99 through Indigisounds. Preview some of the samples and music from Alone below.



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