Now you can get your Odd Future Radio without all those pesky swear words!

Online broadcasters Dash Radio have unveiled a patent-pending filter that will let listeners toggle between clean and explicit lyrics. The platform hosts 75 stations, including the revived East Village Radio and channels by XXL and K-pop label YG, and will debut his filter on their self-described urban station The City before rolling it out to other channels.

DJ Skee, Dash Radio’s CEO, described the filter as “the first and only time that listeners have been given the option to choose between clean or explicit lyrics on the fly.”

He continues: “Terrestrial radio, with FCC regulations, can only air censored versions of the music it airs, while streaming services all force listeners to choose between only the explicit or clean versions of the songs in their catalogs.

“Digital and satellite radio services have always been forced to make entirely separate stations for each category, thus forcing users to make a choice, and lose a chunk of programming. With this feature, Dash Radio listeners have more choice, more control, and ultimately more freedom to enjoy music the way they like in any situation or setting.”

The “clean” version is a little bit more complicated than just bleeping out curse words. FACT contributor Andrew Friedman explored the nuances of what exactly goes into censoring rap music for the radio earlier this year. Read his feature about the dirty secrets of the clean version to know exactly what Dash is getting into.



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