He also worked with Evelyn “Champagne” King, George Benson and more.

R&B singer and producer Kashif Saleem has died at age 56. A pioneer of electronic funk and boogie, he is known for introducing the synthesizer to R&B and helping to redefine the sound of the genre, along with Stevie Wonder. He’s known for being a member of the group BT Express and having produced Whitney Houston’s breakout debut single ‘You Give Good Love’.

Saleem, born Michael Jones, was found dead in his home in LA on Monday (September 26) afternoon by a neighbor. No causes of death has been disclosed at this time.

Along with producing the track that introduced the world to Whitney Houston, Saleem produced for Evelyn “Champagne” King, George Benson, Exposé, Meli’sa Morgn and many more. He also wrote and produced a 10-part documentary called The History of R&B Music and Its Influence on World Culture that had an Indiegogo fund, but no available release date yet.

See tributes from R&B innovator Jimmy Jam and Public Enemy’s Chuck D, listen to some of Saleem’s music and check out a promo for the documentary below.



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