The Halocline Trance boss readies his latest album of glossy textures and abstract beats.

Toronto producer David Psutka aka Egyptrixx will release his next album on his own Halocline Trance label on February 3.

Titled Pure, Beyond Reproach, the 10-track album is Psutka’s fourth under the Egyptrixx alias, and builds on the experimental sound of 2015’s Transfer of Energy [Feelings of Power].

Psutka made his name with a series of releases on Night Slugs, including the 2011 album Bible Eyes and 2013’s A/B Til Infinity, which reassembled club music into strange new shapes before the term “deconstructed club” came into wider use.

Since then, Psutka’s music has leaned more heavily towards ambient textures and even more abstract beat structures. Earlier in 2016, he debuted the Ceramic TL alias with an album that explored the coming eco-apocalypse.

Psutka is currently touring the USA as Egyptrixx – more details on that here.


01. ‘Lake of Contemplation, Pool of Fundamental Bond’
02. ‘We Can Be Concrete’
03. ‘Show Me How to Live’
04. ‘Pure, Beyond Reproach’
05. ‘V.E.P.N.’
06. ‘Plastic Pebble [beat]’
07. ‘Anything U Say, Everything U Do’
08. ‘Anodyne Wants to Ammo’
09. ‘Baby How Strong Are We’
10. ‘Ti Exactamundo’



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