Berlin producer Nat Fowler has unveiled Movements, his new album under the project Novo Line.

The album’s unique atmosphere comes from a meticulous sound design by Fowler. Using re-appropriated software run on two Atari ST PCs with Yamaha FM synthesis via MIDI and a particular tuning (“a pure 3:2 ratio Pythagorean scale centred on 432hz”), Novo Line conjures a propulsive energy that defies its shambling construction.

It brings to mind the kind of electronic dismantling Theo Burt delivered with the Automatics Group and last year’s stunning Gloss, but as the muscular punch of first single ‘Lo Scoglio’ shows, Novo Line is carving a sound all its own with this album. It’s one that curious listeners will be able to explore soon when the album is released tomorrow via Not Waving’s label Ecstatic Recordings.

Listen to it below and order Movements via Boomkat.



01. ‘The Movement 1 (Pythagoras 4)’
02. ‘Octave Hammer’
03. ‘Lo Scoglio’
04. ‘Hot Piece’
05. ‘Shepard’s Stone’
06. ‘The Movement 2 (Pythagoras 3)’
07. ‘Three Forces’
08. ‘You’ve Got Soul’
09. ‘Unfinished World (Anulios)’
10. ‘Eris (Download Bonus Track)’



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