The rapper addresses the upset mother who’s disturbed reaction video has gone viral.

Vince Staples became the subject of a viral video this week when an extremely upset mother described her experience hearing ‘Norf Norf’ on the radio while driving in the car with her daughter.

“We wonder why this society is so messed up — listen to the music,” she says after tearfully reading Staples’ lyrics. The video spawned much commentary (and ridicule), but now Staples has addressed it on Twitter defending the woman’s “opinion on what they see to be appropriate for their children”.

Staples originally commented on the video in an interview with the Independent where he says he was misquoted. He clarified his statements on Twitter.

Staples says the woman is “clearly confused on the context of the song which causes her to be frightened”, and “in my opinion, seems to be emotionally unstable”. He then defends her right to an opinion and to be concerned about what her child listens to.

“This misunderstanding of our community leads to miscommunication which we should convert into a progressive dialogue,” he said. “Thats all I have to say about that. Stop asking me.”

Read the tweets, watch the reaction and revisit Staples’ bracing ‘Norf Norf’ below.



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